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Business in expressing difficulty obtaining needed products to keep their staff employees, customers comfortable, confident and safe.  Key in attracting staff and employees back to a safe working environment. Customers can be put more at ease knowing all the stops have been taken out of the equation with the employing of the highest quality products.  These Pharmaceutical Approved Products are safe to use as directed.  Our recommendation is to obtain the most information available  when making a purchase.  You will find Descriptions on  more and more products as they are researched.  Due to Alcohol Content and skin safety for both Children and Adults our research shows these products safe and effective in the battle against Covid 19:

  • Delon 50 With Ethanol Alcohol, H20, And Three (3) Medical Compounds. (Perfect)
  • The Second is for those allergic to Alcohol Products which is the Medical Hydrogen Peroxide.

If you have any questions as to our product quality, will be happy to send it, as the gathering of information on products is ongoing.

Adding to And Upgrading Our Product Line virtually every month. Replenishment of stock is on target, so we are in a good position to fill your order(s) in a reasonable amount of time.  Feel free to check with us on availability.

Sanitation & Solutions

"I received some products from Greg (some travel sized hand sanitizers) before the restrictions came down harder back in December. Not only is Greg very friendly, the hand sanitizer I received were great, a lot better than the one I was using before! I would definitely recommend him and his company."
Edmonton, AB