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  • Certification: RoHS,CE,UL,FCC
  • Shell Material: Plastic
  • Features: With Flashlight,Built in Cables,Digital display,Charger & Battery in 1,With LED Lamp,With plug
  • Support Quick Charge Technology: Two-way Quick Charge
  • Input Interface: Special Interface
  • Output Interface: Double USB,DC,USB-A,USB-Type C
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Brand Name: VDL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Portable Power Bank
  • Model: HS2000
  • Capacity: 1997Wh(51.2V/39Ah)
  • Battery Cell: LiFePO4
  • AC Input: 100-120V/220-240V,50/60Hz Max 1100W
  • DC NPPT Input: 11.5/50V Max 500W
  • Anderson Input: 11.5-50V Max 25A(Max 500W)
  • AC Output: Rated Power: 2000W JP/US/AU version:6*AC output port,Peak Power: 4000W UK/EU/UN version:4*AC output port
  • Inverter: Pure Sine Wave
  • 2*USB-A(QC3.0) Output: Max 18W(5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A)
  • 2*USB-A Output: Max 15W(5V*2.4A)
  • 2*USB-C Output: PD 100W(5V/9V/12V/15V/3A. 20V/5A)
  • 1*XT60 Output: Max 350W 12V/25A
  • 1*Car Socket Output: Max 136W 12V/10A
  • 2*DC5521 Output: Max 40W 12V/3A
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Dimensions: 34*30.6*22.5CM
  • Product Weight: 23KG

1. [2 hours full charging, overwhelming charging speed] AC has entered up to 1100W and has a large capacity of 1997Wh in just 2 hours compared to the conventional 10 hours or more. Is possible? It can be used in a wide range of life scenes, from in the car, campaign, outdoor, family group, barbecue, and night fishing, to the emergency power supply in disaster and power outage. It is also recommended as a gift for family, friends, colleagues, and lovers.

2.[Surprised 1997Wh super large capacity / 2000W high output] VDL Large-capacity portable power supply AC rating 2000W (up to 4000W at a moment) Microwave oven, rice cooker, air conditioner, electric carpet, home dryer, electric kettle, dryer, Home appliances with large power consumption, such as impact drivers, can be operated. In addition, since the AC100V outlet adopts a genuine waveform similar to the 100V outlet for a home for home, it is extremely unlikely to damage electrical products.

3.[Power can be supplied simultaneously to up to 16 devices on 6 output ports] 18W USB Type-A QC3.0 × 4, 100W USB Type-C × 2, 108.8W Car socket output × 1, 108.8W DC output × 2, AC1100W output x 6 is installed. You can supply up to 16 devices at the same time (the total power does not exceed 1000W) and do not need to carry various adapters.

4.[Dual Rapid Charging] Solar charging corresponds to the voltage range of 10V to 145V and can be up to 500W. Since the MPPT (maximum power point tracking control) method is adopted, the largest power can be extracted from the solar cell under each weather condition. With a dual charging that combines AC and PV charging, a quick charge of 1100W is realized, and it is completely charged in 2 hours.

VDL HS2000


Brand Name


Output Interface

Double USB,DC,USB-A,USB-Type C

Input Interface

Special Interface

Battery Type

Lithium Battery

Shell Material



With Flashlight,Built in Cables,Digital display,Charger & Battery in 1,With LED Lamp,With plug


Mainland China


Portable Power Bank



Support Quick Charge Technology

Two-way Quick Charge





Battery Cell


AC Input

100-120V/220-240V,50/60Hz Max 1100W


11.5/50V Max 500W

Anderson Input

11.5-50V Max 25A(Max 500W)

AC Output

Rated Power: 2000W JP/US/AU version:6*AC output port,Peak Power: 4000W UK/EU/UN version:4*AC output port


Pure Sine Wave

2*USB-A(QC3.0) Output

Max 18W(5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A)

2*USB-A Output

Max 15W(5V*2.4A)

2*USB-C Output

PD 100W(5V/9V/12V/15V/3A. 20V/5A)

1*XT60 Output

Max 350W 12V/25A

1*Car Socket Output

Max 136W 12V/10A

2*DC5521 Output

Max 40W 12V/3A





Product Weight



Lithium iron phosphate battery cell brings

absolute safety+extra long life.
UPS uninterrupible power supply-Provide

stable and uninterrupted power supply to protect

electrical appliances from damage.
Bi directional inverter board – less loss and higher

conversion rate.Powerful silent cooling system

ensures inverter life.

EU 220V 

UK 230V

LiFePO4 Battery


Over 15 years of experience In the industry. We focus on improving materials and technology and empowering users with meaningful innovation.


100% quality guarantee,quick delivery time.


Promptly reply you within 24 hours.


We treat clients as friend .Giving best service and sincere greetings.

Q1: Do all VDL power stations have lifepo4 batteries, yes or no?

A1:  All the VDL Large -capacity portable power stations have lifepo4 batteries.

Q2: Are the ac outlets in the HS2000 20 amp?

A2: The maximum value of AC input wave current is 20A.
AC output : 50/60Hz(frequency switch available), rated 2000W, 4000W peak pure sine wave.Built-in overload and short circuit protection. 

Q3: What is the weight of the HS2000?

A3:  Product weight:22.0kg
Product size:L*W*H=392*279*323mm 

Q4: VDL HS2000 portable power station can be used as an ups at home?

A4: Yes, the product page says it can be used as a UPS. This HS1200 portable power supply can be charged directly and in case of power failure, the UPS function will kick in within 0.01s to automatically switch the power from the power outlet to the HS1200 to prevent sudden power failure and protect your computer files from being lost. It can be used as a backup power source and is also suitable for commercial use! Power up your devices and shut down safely! It is perfect as a backup power source for both disaster prevention and commercial us see less.

Note: Due to the big size of VDL Portable Power Stations, PO Box address can not be accepted.


Battery long-term storage (more than 3 months), need to keep the battery at 50% of the rated capacity (must be charged once every 3 months), stored in a dry and cool place, the temperature range between 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, and avoid contact with corrosive substances, away from fire and heat sources. It is recommended to recharge the battery once every three months, and it must be recharged once every six months.

Additional information

Ships From

United States


AU 230V, EU 220V, UK 230V, US 120V

Battery Capacity

Above 100000mAh


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