Ingredients: 75% Ethanol, water, silver ion antibacterial agent, acrylic (ester) / C10-30 alkanol acrylate cross linked polymer, triethanolamine.

Instructions: Suitable for hand surface disinfection. Take an appropriate amount of this product on the palm and rub your hands evenly. (about 2 minutes) until it is dry and does not require washing.

Precautions: This product is for external use only. Please do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. If you get some in your eyes accidentally, flush it with water repeatedly. This product is flammable so keep in a cool place and avoid all fire sources.

Efficiency: Effectively inhibits E. coli. Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, with a bacteriostatic rate of 99%.


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Weight 12.15 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 11.5 × 5.5 in

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In consultation with our pharmacist, Hand Washing Gels And Sanitizers with high percentages Of Alcohol displaying this notification can be cut with water by 50%, doubling its volume.  Making it an economically good buy.  You may best use this product to clean and disinfect with it being less harmful to your skin as it was designed for hand washing and as a sanitizer.  No gloves will be required when using this product cut with 50% water.

What’s in it?

We know Simla is made with 75% Ethanol, water,

Antimicrobial Silver in Medicinal and Consumer Applications … › articles › PMC6315945
by W Sim2018Cited by 109 — Among its many useful properties, silver it recognized to have antimicrobial activity. Silver is known to be biologically active when it is dispersed …

Microban® Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technologies: SilverShield › … › Technologies
Silver has long been used as an antimicrobial agent, at least since Hippocrates first described silver’s antimicrobial properties in 400 B.C., but it wasn’t until 1972​ …

Silver. A powerful weapon against microbes

Silver is a well-documented antimicrobial, that has been shown to kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. It is the positively charged silver ions (Ag+) that possess the antimicrobial effect21, 22. Silver ions target microorganisms through several different modes of action.

Acrylic ester:
Acrylates (IUPAC: prop-2-enoates) are the salts, esters, and conjugate bases of acrylic acid. The acrylate ion is the anion CH2=CHCOO. Often, acrylate refers to esters of acrylic acid, the most common member being methyl acrylate. These acrylates contain vinyl groups.

What is acrylate crosspolymer?
Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer is a synthetic ingredient used to improve the texture and feel of skincare and cosmetic formulations. It is mainly used as a thickening agent, texture enhancer, film-forming agent, and emulsifier in cosmetics and skincare products.Nov. 6, 2020
Triethanolamine (TEA), Diethanolamine (DEA) and Ethanolamine are clear, colorless, thick liquids with ammonia-like odors. In cosmetics and personal care products, Triethanolamine may be used in some makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, blush, make-up bases and foundations, as well as in fragrances, hair care products, hair dyes, wave sets, shaving products, sunscreens, and skin care and skin cleansing products. Ethanolamine may be used in some permanent waves and hair dyes and colors.  Diethanolamine itself is rarely used in cosmetics, but derivatives of DEA may be used in shampoos and cleansing products.  TEA, DEA and Ethanolamine help to form emulsions by reducing the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified so that water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients can be blended together. They are also used to control the pH of cosmetics and personal care products.


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